Friday, November 20, 1998

Single Reviews - November 20, 1998

November 20, 1998

Billie - "Girlfriend" - Virgin UK 12"
The newest teen singer from the UK drops her newest single. "Girlfriend" is a nice R&B/pop confection produced by Cutfather and Joe. It's a more mellow vibe than her first single, "Because We Want To". Remixes are from Tin Tin Out, which reworks the track into the progressive UK dance style, and D Influence, who does a stellar job mixing old breakbeats and melody lines from "Too Close" by Next and "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club for the music background. A nice party starter. The 12" also features "Love Groove," a track taken from her debut album "Honey to the B".

Mass Syndicate featuring Su Su Bobien - "You Don't Know" - Strictly Rhythm 12"
Everyone who loves good house music should have at least heard this gospel stormer by now..."You Don't know what you did to me...Did toooo Meeeeee...." Produced by Sandro Russo and Andreino from Italy, this song is one of the best vocal house tracks I've heard in a long time...irresistible chorus and that piano! Go out and buy this record now!

Will Smith - "Miami" - Columbia EU 12"
Big Willie's new track is yet another rap lite party jam. In its original version (which strangely is not available on this 12"), "Miami" is a funky Trackmasterz production which owes it's catchiness to the use of The Whispers' "And The Beat Goes On" sample. However, this 12" features a bunch of new versions, which are more in a dance groove. The credits make the "Miami Mix" appear to be the album version. However, it is actually a remix by and featuring Miami Sound Machine. Snippets of "Conga" are even used in the mix. 

The other two mixes are by Jason Nevins, who does a surprisingly good job. The "Live at 54 Mix" turns the song into a disco hip house reworking. The "Live On South Beach Dub" is a sweaty latin tribal fiesta. I really like that mix. Quite entertaining versions, even though I usually don't like Jason Nevins' remixes. Very nice pressing on 45 RPM, too. I just wish the original mix was on there. Maybe they'll issue it on the US pressing.

All Saints - The Remix Album - London CD
Just in time for the Christmas season, we have a new All Saints CD. It's not a new album, but a remix album. A very good remix album at that. Mixed by the legendary Pete Tong (BBC1's "Essential Mix"), the CD features remixes that were only previously available on promo 12" and limited edition CD singles. All of their hits are available here in multiple versions: I Know Where It's At, Never Ever, Bootie Call, Under The Bridge, Lady Marmalade....remixes are by Ignorantz, Charles "Mixologist" Roane (erroneously miscredited to someone else), Dreem Team, Club Asylum, Ganja Kru and more! The drum and bass reworking of "War of Nerves" and Dreem Team's rejigging of "Bootie Call" are especially good. And it's only $10.99 at Sam the Record Man! Worth a listen, even if you aren't a fan....

Red Snapper - "Image Of You" - Warp UK 12"
I don't really like the A-side remixes of this song....Shut Up and Dance deliver a very boring and listless version....I really don't want to dance until the BPMs are increased a lot faster....Rae and Christian's mix is ok, but I really like the Salt City Orchestra Vocal, which is their usual dark, deep house style...

Stetsasonic - "Talkin' All That Jazz" - Tommy Boy UK 12"
The first remix for the new Tommy Boy Greatest Beats compilation in the UK. The US remixes have released "Jump Around" instead....Dimitri from Paris is the man chosen to redo this hip hop classic. He does not disappoint..."Dim's Respect For The Old School" takes the original rap and builds a ten minute disco symphony around it...Stellar work....The B-side features the original and a beats and breaks edit of the Dimitri mix by Torti...yummy.

Scott Grooves featuring Parliament/Funkadelic - Mothership Reconnection - Soma Records UK 12"
This track takes samples from a live recording of "Mothership Connection", loops them around and adds a live drummer and a disco house arrangeement. Devastatingly good! The B-Side has an incredible remix by Daft Punk. Killer....

Indo - "Are You Sleeping" (Bump and Flex Mixes) - Azuli 12" Test Pressing
The classic Hula/K. Fingers production gets yet another slab of vinyl remixes...this time courtesy of Bump and Flex. While the original cannot be topped, some nice 2-step style remixes are here. I prefer the mix with the vocal, which is on the side with printing. The flip is just the same, but without the main vocal, which makes it a lot less interesting.

Jhelisa - "Friendly Pressure" - Dorado 12"
One of the soul-jazz singer's most popular tracks gets a rerelease for 1998. This time, it features speed garage and 2-Step remixes from Sunship. Don't sleep on this jam! It's big in the UK, especially with people like Tuff Jam. However, hardly any copies seem to have made their way over the ocean...pick it up if you find it!